Of Pink M&Ms and Supporters

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you know what that means?

Pink candy!

Which is ideal for potty-training a little girl who loves chocolate. Little Miss just turned two and is more than ready to be a big girl now.

Not surprisingly, her older brother also likes chocolate and thinks he should get chocolate for going potty, too. (I’d be broke in a week!) So to appease the masses, I have told him if he cheers and supports his sister, he can have “supporter” candy, too.

Peeing is now a huge commotion in our house. There’s the excited “Do you want to go potty in your toilet?!” Followed by running and giggling and shrieking down the hallway, and (hopefully) clapping and cheering and “Mommy, I’m a good ‘reporter’! I get chocolate, too?!”

Supporter M&Ms all around.

Who are you cheering for today?

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