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Of Legalism and Liberalism: A Pendulum Swing

History is fascinating. While events come and go and shape the direction of our textbooks, people themselves change very little. Even within Christianity, there’s a steady tick-tock, tick-tock, the same patterns repeating themselves every generation–back and forth, like the swing of a pendulum–and we wonder why our faith looks and feels (and is, often) powerless.Continue reading “Of Legalism and Liberalism: A Pendulum Swing”

Breaking Radio Silence

Well, it’s been a minute. Last month I whipped up a whirlwind book proposal in preparation for a writing conference and virtual publisher meeting. I flew to Colorado and spent four beautiful days nestled in the Rocky Mountains, in the company of three fabulous writing friends. The days were full, the conversations rich, and theContinue reading “Breaking Radio Silence”