A Diagram of Depression

The paralysis of paranoia Knowing what you should be doing Is what you’re not doing And you’re not actually doing much of anything How do you put into words all the descriptions for “numb” When numb feels like nothing Empty Hollow Joyless Cold While your face, your façade, looks normalAnd your core is rotting away,Continue reading “A Diagram of Depression”

Of Sweets and Snares

About two years ago, I wrote a post about the deception and dangers of gluttony. It took two more years for me to delve deeper into this conviction and identify my relationship with sugar as extremely unhealthy, both physically and spiritually. Ugh. It’s still something that disgusts me. But I’ve found freedom, so it’s aContinue reading “Of Sweets and Snares”

Of Margins and the Non-Messy

It’s easy to write about the messiness of motherhood. Of the chaos and the crazy. As I’m sitting here, though, let me describe one of the sweet and beautiful moments happening now. Mister Man is snuggling on my lap, half-sleeping and half-nursing, while my arms are over and around him so I can also typeContinue reading “Of Margins and the Non-Messy”

Of Starving Hearts and Socialism

These are surface thoughts. Choppy fragments. This post is a muddled collection of concepts and ideas and questions I’ve been mulling over, but sometimes writing things out provides clarity. I guess we’ll see. Let me start with key words, in no particular order: foster care, adoption, government, socialism, Christianity, homes, love, church. These words tumblingContinue reading “Of Starving Hearts and Socialism”

Of Robin Hood and Revelation

Growing up, one of my favorite movies was Disney’s animated Robin Hood. As a parent, the classic is still in my collection–only I’ve upgraded from the chunky VHS to a DVD. The kids re-discovered it on our shelf this afternoon, and I got to sit and watch (most of it) with them. It’s been awhileContinue reading “Of Robin Hood and Revelation”