Of Starving Hearts and Socialism

These are surface thoughts. Choppy fragments. This post is a muddled collection of concepts and ideas and questions I’ve been mulling over, but sometimes writing things out provides clarity. I guess we’ll see. Let me start with key words, in no particular order: foster care, adoption, government, socialism, Christianity, homes, love, church. These words tumblingContinue reading “Of Starving Hearts and Socialism”

Of Robin Hood and Revelation

Growing up, one of my favorite movies was Disney’s animated Robin Hood. As a parent, the classic is still in my collection–only I’ve upgraded from the chunky VHS to a DVD. The kids re-discovered it on our shelf this afternoon, and I got to sit and watch (most of it) with them. It’s been awhileContinue reading “Of Robin Hood and Revelation”

Of Scheduling a Slowdown

Summer was my favorite season when I was a kid. No school, long sunny days, and dirty, bare feet that needed to be washed every night. As an adult, the only thing I have in common with summer memories is my dirty feet. Given the option, I wouldn’t wear shoes in public–but whatever. Currently, summersContinue reading “Of Scheduling a Slowdown”

Of Vanishing Cows, Eczema and Gluttony

After months of unsuccessful attempts to find a “miracle cream” for my baby’s eczema, I decided to go for the inside-out approach: eliminate dairy from my diet. He’s an otherwise healthy, nursing baby, so it was worth a shot. I’m an all or nothing type, so for three weeks I religiously checked every food labelContinue reading “Of Vanishing Cows, Eczema and Gluttony”

Of Prime Lessons from Optimus

The first time I heard about Optimus Prime was from a little kid I didn’t know. My aunt was pregnant with twins, and apparently the kid had suggested the babies be named Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. Fortunately, better names were planned for them. Flash forward a few Cybertronian years later, and good old OP isContinue reading “Of Prime Lessons from Optimus”

Of Pink M&Ms and Supporters

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you know what that means? Pink candy! Which is ideal for potty-training a little girl who loves chocolate. Little Miss just turned two and is more than ready to be a big girl now. Not surprisingly, her older brother also likes chocolate and thinks he should getContinue reading “Of Pink M&Ms and Supporters”

Of January Mornings

I love the month of January. After the lack of routines (and sleep and healthy food) from the holidays, January provides a reset button. Some people scoff at making New Year’s Resolutions, but I find that the beginning of the year is a great time to pause and see where your life is going andContinue reading “Of January Mornings”

Of Merry Little Christmases and Messy Little Children

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas…” That is my mantra for this season. I want it to be happy and simple. For me, simple is minimal decorating: it took me two days to hang my garland greenery between the kids jumping on the couch I was standing on, and Baby Kitty bapping at the pinecones.Continue reading “Of Merry Little Christmases and Messy Little Children”

Of Arsons and Artists

My sweet, snot-nosed little humans. I love them dearly, I really do. Our morning went well. I’ve been trying to encourage “controlled creativity” and give them ample opportunities for discovering the world and their abilities to contribute to it. Currently this is happening in the forms of Play Dough, coins, crayons and cut paper manifestingContinue reading “Of Arsons and Artists”

Of Sunday and the Sacred Shower 

Sundays are the only day I can guarantee being within twenty-four hours of soap and water when I leave the house. In the postpartum world, showers are a luxury. I love it when you’re first out and about with your new baby and after all the niceties about your new tiny bundle, they ask: “AndContinue reading “Of Sunday and the Sacred Shower “