Sacrificial Praise

I come before You
With my broken day
At Your feet
These pieces lay

Sunshine scattered
Doom-filled clouds
Left in mere shrouds

But if the sun
Is all that I try to see
If I’m only desiring
It’s light on me

Then my perspective is off
My focus askew
You created the sun
I need to seek You

You created the clouds
To bring the rain
To water the ground
Revive hope amid pain

The tumbling storms
Thunder out Your great power
Though the winds fiercely blow
You remain my strong tower

So yet will I praise
When my day falls apart
Willingly I’ll allow
Your praise in my heart

Instead of disdain
Your joy will sustain
Amidst all this pain
Let Your promises reign

Willingly shall I bring
On the altar each day
Sacrifices of praise
While I let pride decay

A broken, contrite heart
You, Lord, don’t despise
So may my tear stains
As a fragrance, arise

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