Nightmare Reality

The nightmare replays
Over and over
I didn’t want to watch it
But I knew I must

My mouth was buried in my pillow
But my eyes fully opened
– I pushed play –

First it showed the tiny hands
Floating, unattached
They were smaller than a dime
Only God would ever hold these precious fingers

And then the blood
All the blood
Shattered remnants of mangled baby bones
Lying lifeless in their own blood

A gloved finger poked
At a small lump in the red puddle
And suddenly a little mouth opened
A mouth that would never have a voice

Then the pale, grey infant
Whom the doctor wrapped up
In the blood-stained sheet

I’ve held my little toy dolls
And they were smaller than this baby

Lord, when did we decide we had the right
to slaughter Your children?

When were we given the authority
to choose whose blood was worth preserving?
To choose whose bones were worth more
than to be crushed and whose skin precious enough
to leave intact?

Father, forgive us…

Forgive us for the denial and ignorance.
Wake us up.

And forgive them, God, for they know not what they do.


  1. Growing up in the Catholic church, I’d heard many times that abortion is wrong. I don’t remember every hearing why, other than it was murder. I will never forget when the why of that instruction became reality in my life and helped solidify my own belief. It was similar to your experience. It was a picture I saw in a publication at a different Catholic church than the one I grew up in and just as shocking to me as this video was to you. I had to explain to my chldren what an abortion was. Very difficult to do w/o going into too much detail at the ages of 10 and 8. There is no way to “pretty up” what it does to an unborn baby. And yes, your posting was very well said!


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