My Non-Poetic Poem About Grace

My soul clings to You, Lord
O but my heart tries to push You away

Excitement beckons
Adventure calls

I hear evil’s voiceover in the darkness
Laughing, as I step forward and fall

“What will God use you for?” it taunts
“You can’t even take two steps without screwing up!”
“You’re such a jerk!”
“You think you’ll ever get it right? But why bother?”
“Besides, one more won’t hurt you.”

“One more” glance
“One more” thought traveled down the wrong alley
“One more” lyric
“One more” line

Another stumble. One more bruise.

The only thing I’m winning is on the losing side
And grace seems too far and too pretty to even notice me
Like the princess on the parade who doesn’t see the drunkard
On the sidewalk, who’s hungover from that “one more”

But the parade halts.

Suddenly cold water is splashed
Across the dazed and dejected face
And grace in all boldness and purity
Extends a hand

It’s then I realize grace is far more
Like a victorious, powerful king
Than a dainty princess

And in the presence of grace
My heart recognizes its need to be revived
And my strength falters
Beneath the weight of shame

New blood is needed through these veins
Cleansing needed from these stains
Down on my knees, upon my face
I crawl to You, begging for Your grace


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