Seek Not Answers

I came to You with questions
Hoping answers You’d return
But You said You hoped instead that
Something else I would now learn
For questions seek an ending point
Answers give a halt
“But is this wrong?” I wondered
“Is wondering my own fault?”
But I guess all that I needed
Was a simple redirection
For my thinking showed I’d fallen to
A common misperception
‘Cause when we’re told to seek God
It’s God we are to seek
It’s not answers, it’s not short relief
For with those worry still can leak
But when we seek the Lord
With every inch of heart
We fall in love with our Savior King
Who commands our fears depart
When we seek to know Him more
More of Him we’ll learn
And more of Him we’ll choose to trust
Through life’s every twist and turn
So my challenge, then, to you
Is what’s been challenged now to me:
Seek God with all your mind and soul
Seek God wholeheartedly

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