Distractions and Diversions

The perversions of reality to what I want to see
And where I want to be
In a world that’s customized for me

These screens provide illumination
New information
With illustration
And a generation left in the masses of social media, alone

Why can’t we see how we crave these red flags
Yes, they are red flags
Showing that someone liked or loved or clicked above
We want notification of your appreciation
And isn’t it ironic
That it’s red flags we crave

In a world we customize and idolize our senses
We only see what we want, hear what we want, tap what we want
Our brains are now on overload, with memes and cat videos and soft porn (and not-so-soft porn)
And the more we fill, the emptier we feel
Something has to give

But wait, another red flag


Then Jesus comes along and reminds us to interact with real people in real life
And now that’s hard
Because they talk and think and sometimes stink
And they’re all up in our face not doing anything that we enjoy
But when His love fills us, and our love fills them
Perhaps that’s where true joy can begin

Maybe there’s more illumination to be found in serving people who are all alone
Than seeking approval from the masses locked inside our phone
Maybe there’s more information about God we can learn 
Through the people He created, and maybe in turn
This new generation can illustrate the God who generously gives us good things

Because as His desires fuel ours

He fills us

Photo by Jonas Lee on Unsplash


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