Cynicism is killing us
No, really

These aren’t just metaphors, the way we’re breaking down our doors
Where hope should reign
“But oh!” we feign, “It’s always been this way and never getting better.”

Excuse me? Then why did Jesus die so we could lie and quench the Spirit, squash the truth,
that even though things are hard (He overcame!) and soon He’s coming back again

“Come again?” you say
“It’s only discernment if you discern away all the good to emphasize the bad”

But I’m pretty sure that’s not the mind that Jesus had
When He said abundant life was found only in Him
And only in abiding can that sweet, full life begin

But when we’re only focused on each other’s sin, then sin is all we see
This cycle of sin-icism is killing Christianity
Instead of focusing on Christ and how He’s set us free
All we’re focused on is locusts, can’t see the plants with green

Get a glimpse of the Spirit– “Snuff it out!”
Can’t risk being Pentecostal, Charismatic, might get too holy up in here
Get a taste of God’s goodness– “Don’t get too excited!”
Maybe He’ll just take it away again and leave us empty-handed, disappointed–but all that is, is fear

We’ve been set free from sin and shame and yet this cynicism came as fear
Rejecting Jesus who, for us, God’s glory did appear
We can’t receive grace when we don’t believe God’s face is turned towards us
Cuz we fear that if we step here maybe He’ll change His mind and leave us

But faith is being sure that what we can’t see yet is true
To receive salvation means believing that our God will see us through
Cynicism says our doubts are bigger than the God who died for us
And living in that lie–rejecting truth, forsaking grace–is dangerous 

Because if Jesus wasn’t enough, we’re left filling what He lacked
If God is still displeased, our sins are surely stacked
But if Jesus was God’s favor given to the undeserved
Then even now, through faith, His favor’s still preserved 

Even for the cynical, God bids our walls come down
Because we can’t protect ourselves while we still wear the crown
And yet when we surrender, our understanding is renewed
At last we can see the broken lenses we’ve been viewing through

So if you’re weary of life’s shattered dreams and fractured promises
And can’t imagine a God who keeps His word
Just know He holds the pain-filled tears
That keep your vision blurred 

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