Jesus is Good News

The Gospel was never meant to be simply a one-way ticket to Heaven. 

I used to think the Gospel was like Christianity 101, you just needed to understand it and then you could move on to more “Christian-er” things.

But lately, I’ve learned that the Gospel isn’t just the source of our faith, it’s also what sustains us for everything we do, every day.

The Gospel, the Good News, is that Jesus Christ, the only Son of God and fully man, descended from heaven to earth, lived sinlessly but was punished and crucified for our sins, was resurrected and now is seated at the right hand of God the Father, interceding for us, and that He will come again for His people, revealed in full glory, to take us to be with Him forever.

Jesus came from the Father, because we couldn’t come to Him on our own.

Jesus lived sinlessly, because we couldn’t.

Jesus died with the weight of our sin, so we wouldn’t have to.

Jesus was resurrected, so we will be raised one day, too.

Jesus intercedes for us, so we can live out the rest of our earthly existence for His glory, now.

Jesus is coming back, so we can live with Him forever, in glory. 

For all who believe in Him: Jesus is for us now, Jesus is for us tomorrow, and Jesus is for us forever.

As we wander through this sin-ravaged wasteland, we cling to the hope that there is Good News for every today, and for every tomorrow. That every morning when we wake up, Jesus is at God’s side, praying the prayers we can’t even pray. When we manage to squeak out an “Our Father in heaven…” Jesus is there, reminding God, “Hear their prayers, Father. I paid for these people. See My righteousness that covered their sins. I felt the weight of their sin and shame. My life was exchanged for theirs, and You accepted this sacrifice. Hear their prayers, Father.”

Every time we say good-bye to a loved one, or mourn the plans we thought were for us, in that grief we need the Gospel. We need to know that in a world of broken hearts and broken homes, Jesus is advocating for us and He is making all things new. He is making a home for us, where we will live with Him forever, where sin and sorrow will never again darken the doors. Jesus experienced sorrow and grief, and He walks with us through our pain, whispering softly, “I know. I’ve been there, too.”

Every time we’re angry because we were wounded by someone, we need the Gospel. We need to know that every time we were sinned against, God was sinned against, too. And when Jesus paid for our sins, He also paid for the sins of those who sinned against us. The wrath of God was fully hurled at Jesus for the crimes we commit against each other. Because of Jesus, God has forgiven us. And because we have been forgiven of everything, we can also forgive others of anything. (To be clear: Forgiveness does not mean our relationship with people resumes as if nothing ever happened. But it does mean we realize that the full wrath of God was hurled upon Jesus for that person’s sin, and since God forgave it, we can, too. We can know that even if we never see repentance or change from them, justice was still served at Jesus’ expense.) When we say, “But Jesus, they’ve hurt me…” He responds gently with, “I know. They hurt Me, too. And the Father’s love is so great that it extends to those who will never receive it. If His love is big enough for those who reject Him, how much more wonderful is it for those who receive Me? God sees you. God hears you. The wicked have not won–I won.” 

And every time we’re frustrated by the grace of God, because we get a Jonah mindset and grumble that this Good News could extend to those “worse” than us, we need the Gospel. Because in it, Jesus comes alongside and says, “Do you even realize what you’ve been given? Salvation is a gift! Eternal life is a gift! Don’t squander your life like you came up with this on your own. Apart from Me, you can do nothing. Know Me, know the depths of My love for you. I came down to your level, stop trying to stand higher than everyone else–I died for them, too. Abide in Me, grow in My grace.”

Wherever your day finds you, the Gospel is still Good News. 

Believe Jesus is who He says He is. Receive His forgiveness and salvation. Walk away from your sin and walk with Him.

Jesus is Good News. 

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