I’ve Met Jesus in the Bathroom

I’ve met Jesus in the bathroom
Sometimes on the floor
Sometimes by the stall door
Praying that the peace that passes understanding
Would find me here

I’ve met Jesus in the bathroom
At my friend’s house
A safe place
But anxiety knows no friends and only makes enemies
And I prayed for peace to find me, hiding

I’ve met Jesus in the bathroom
In the movie theater
On a date to celebrate my wedding anniversary
And here I was, divorced from peace
Crying. Hiding. Praying “God please let it stop.”

I’ve met Jesus in the bathroom
At the doctor’s office
When the panic rises faster than my blood pressure and if I’m going to vomit or faint or die
I’d rather do it
By the toilet
Praying for peace
Whispering Scripture to myself
In the porcelain echoes

Jesus, I need you in this moment
Jesus, Emmanuel, be here with me now
Jesus, You said You would carry me
I’m claiming all Your promises over my sweaty palms and racing heart and the thunder in my gut–

Body – submit to Jesus, your maker
Mind – submit to Jesus, your master
Soul – submit to Jesus, your mediator

Praise the Lord, O my soul
Let all that is within me
Even in this bathroom
Bless His holy name

Jesus is here.


  1. So much I can relate to, but I never could have written my feelings the way you so perfectly captured yours. Vulnerable, powerful, and it all points to the One whose promises cannot fail! Thank you for writing this, and thank you for sharing it. Sending you so much love!


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