Coming Soon: A Book That Listens

Exciting news!

Some of you may know that I began writing a book about depression, roughly 7-8 years ago. Then I had kids, dot dot dot.

I still have kids, thank you Jesus, but they are older now and I’m able to begin pursuing some writing endeavors again. Last fall I was accepted into an exclusive book proposal “boot camp” hosted by a well-known author; it was basically a crash course in how to craft a book idea into a proposal you could submit to a publisher. In less than four months I’d gone from not even knowing what a book proposal was, to creating selling points for a book I hadn’t even written yet–and compiling my own book proposal I could confidently submit anywhere.

When I began all this, I assumed the biggest factor in getting published was to be a really, really good writer.


You have to be a really, really well-known writer. You have to have a following, a platform. You have to be able to show a prospective publisher that more people than just your Mom and Miss Sally down the street will buy your book.

And thus I’ve begun the journey down Rejection Road: “Hey you’re a really good writer, and you have some really good stuff, but…you’re a nobody. SUCKS TO BE YOU!”

(I’m kidding. They don’t say it that way, it’s a tiny bit more professional.)

Now, I don’t want to have to spend my entire life on the socials. No one needs to know my daily makeup routine (when/if it happens, let’s be real), you don’t need to know what kind of coffee I’m drinking while I’m reading my super pretty highlighted Bible, and you don’t need to hear my voice blathering on a podcast while you match socks and fold towels.

I’m not a social media influencer, talented speaker, or life skills coach.

And I don’t want to be–I just want to write.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to create a new book. It will revive the stories I wrote ages ago, include some current stuff, and I want to incorporate your experiences, too. This book will give people who struggle with depression a place to breathe and not feel like they need to be “fixed,” and it will also serve as a resource for those on the outside who want to understand what it’s like and how help. It’s a conversation where people can be heard, but it won’t be an echo chamber. It will encourage people to create community they can contribute to, and lean into, and learn how to navigate the highs and lows of mental illness graciously together.

I am planning to meet with a publisher or two in June, so I would like to get a proposal rolling out by May.

But I’m going to need your help! Before I can start creating forms for people to fill out, I need to have a clear vision for this content. Keep an eye out for surveys that will help me craft these questions.

Also, if you want to help me build my platform (without relegating me to putting my face on EVERYTHING you see online–seriously, don’t make me do that) then following me on Facebook and Insta would be helpful–and sharing my links or page info is even better!

Thank you!

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