On the Other Side of Blink

“Don’t blink” they say
For soon, one day
This bundle you’re snuggling
Will be on their way

To crawling
To walking
To tempers
To talking

And that little baby
Tucked now in your arm
Will one day grow big
In stature and charm

The warm, silky cheeks
And that tiny heartbeat–
Breathe it in now, they tell you
For this short time is sweet

And breathed I have, deeply
I have tried not to blink
But even with my eyes open
These kids grew, I think

Now their snuggles are shorter
And their sentences longer
They hold my hand less
As they’re bigger and stronger

Once again come those voices
Like a slow, heavy bell
“Don’t blink” they’ve all told me
(And “Enjoy it” as well)

I’m suddenly here
On that other side of blink
But I’ve treasured each moment
Like a well-savored drink

Resistance is futile
(For they’ll grow anyway)
So with every sweet snuggle
I thank God and I pray

“Thank You for these moments
May I cherish each part
And treasure them like the gifts
Mary stored in her heart”



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