Of Merry Little Christmases and Messy Little Children

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas…”

That is my mantra for this season. I want it to be happy and simple. For me, simple is minimal decorating: it took me two days to hang my garland greenery between the kids jumping on the couch I was standing on, and Baby Kitty bapping at the pinecones. And I want the season to be joy-filled for all involved, including the short little elves who live here. This means they have a small tree to decorate and ornaments to put on and take off (all day long). Later we’ll make a few cookies and they might have all the sprinkles on only  half of the snowman, but that’s okay.

These are just the trappings of the winter season, though.

For Christmas itself and the true celebration, I’ve found an aching in my heart for more corporate worship during this season. More singing about the Savior who came into this world to rescue us from the slavery of sin and self. Not just the Christmas carols shoved in the back of the hymnal, but all the songs that reflect these truths. More stories shared of the grace and growth in our lives from this past year. 

So exchange a gift or two, munch on a cookie or sip some wassail, and share the joys of Emmanuel:

God With Us.

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