Of Sunday and the Sacred Shower 

Sundays are the only day I can guarantee being within twenty-four hours of soap and water when I leave the house.

In the postpartum world, showers are a luxury.

I love it when you’re first out and about with your new baby and after all the niceties about your new tiny bundle, they ask: “And how are you doing? Are you getting any sleep?”

Well actually, sleep is the least of my concerns. If you’d really like to know, my insides are still draining out from the past 9-10 months of pregnancy, my organs are trying to find their old home again, my shirts are constantly being soaked from an oversupply of milk or from my baby’s overfilled mouth, my legs may or may not have been shaved recently, and my other kids may or may not have eaten a cookie for breakfast. Possibly more than one day in a row.

But I doubt you really wanted to know all that. I’m sleeping fine though, and thanks for asking.

I think hospitals should include shower services as part of postpartum care. Like where twice a week you can go to a special wing in the hospital where there is child care and you can sit in a clean shower for an hour or so and freshen up. Maybe even an espresso bar available. And chocolate.

But for now I’ll enjoy my hot showers whenever I can get them.


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