Of Holidays and How Children Age

Thanksgiving weekend went differently than planned.

The plan was to host the in-laws and extended siblings. The reality was that all three kids and I were on the beginnings of a cold, so we kept our germs to ourselves and had a quiet time together, along with our 18lbs of turkey.

But these past few days I’ve been able to sit and rotate the snuggles between all three kids and that’s been the best part. Nowhere to be, no one to see, we just cough on each other and snuggle a little closer.

The only word I can use for this season of life is “busy”. They are busy little people, growing and learning about the world, and I’m busy keeping up with them. And then it occurred to me this weekend that my children won’t always be toddlers and infants. Soon they’ll all be school-aged and that will bring a new “busy”. And then they’ll be busy teenagers. And then busy adults.

I don’t wish that time would stay still forever, I just want to live a bit more slowly. I want to enjoy the different seasons as they come, not in fear that I might miss something, but in joy of the moments as they are.


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