Hello from the Mother Side


Being nice is hard when you’re tired.

It’s hard to give of yourself when you are empty.

I never believed in the power of power naps until yesterday when I put the toddler down for an afternoon nap. I slept for about twenty minutes and was amazingly refreshed. (And fortunately he continued to sleep!)

God gives us grace daily and His mercies are new every morning, but we still need physical rest.

Wife-ing and mommy-ing take a lot of energy.

Currently all I want to do is drive down the coast (preferably in the warm sunshine) and spend a few nights in a quiet room on the beach. I want a bed that is entirely clean and white and that doesn’t smell like a variety of bodily functions and fluids from a sick household and a nursing baby.

Then I want a manicure and pedicure. (They can shave my legs, too, while they’re at it.)

Load me up with some chocolate and a coffee, and then I could come home.

Granted, this little vacation fantasy of mine isn’t happening any time soon but it’s nice to think about.

I think it’s important to make time for refreshing ourselves. We hear it often, but it’s important to follow through.

Right now my priorities are my daily Bible reading and devotionals, and a shower at least every other day–lest I become cranky and stinky. (You never know the saving grace of a shower until you have babies.) It’s your personal time. It’s prayer time. It’s your “I’m clean and I smell good” time. Shaving optional.

Because honestly, without Jesus and without soap,  life stinks.

I know I’m just recycling advice, but we all have people in our lives who need us–and if we can serve better by being better versions of ourselves, let’s do that.

P. S. And if your life is balanced enough where Bible time and showers happen easily, volunteer an hour or an afternoon so another mom can be refreshed, too. 🙂

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