The Days of Poop and Puke (and More Poop)


New milk. Old milk. Rejected and regurgitated milk. This is what I smell like.

All the time.

I have a baby who pukes often, and a toddler who currently has some sort of stomach bug, resulting in two vomiting episodes yesterday and diarrhea today.

I watched an embarrassing amount of Daniel Tiger this morning. My house is a mess because I didn’t get to clean up last night, which rolled into today.

And I have a killer headache probably because I’m dehydrated which is *probably* because my toddler was drinking out of my favorite water bottle and I haven’t seen it since episode 17 of DT.

I’m really not complaining, this is just where I am right now. Life is full of diapers and dishes and laundry and honestly I love it, because it is also full of warm snuggles and tiny hugs and little voices calling out for me to love them.

Motherhood is servanthood.

And serving others satisfies your soul.

(Even when those you serve are pint-sized dictators with reeking diapers who will spill water on the floor just so they can splash in it…)

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