Unless You Really Want Me


EDIT: This is directed to the lies we’re told about abortion. This is not to condemn anyone who has had an abortion. There is grace, so much good grace from God, ready to wrap you up and help you heal. I am condemning these lies, but I will never condemn you. God is still weaving beauty into your story and He’s using all the pieces.

Unless you really want me
I’m a problem to erase
No given name, no face
The result of your disgrace

But tissue’s not the issue
Nor my growing “clump of cells”
Someone lied to you about me
Said I’ll make your life a hell

But out there someone wants me
Whose body won’t conceive
And I could be their blessing
A joy they could receive

I’m sad that you don’t want me
That you don’t think I’m real
But what breaks my heart is
How much time it will take your heart to heal

I know I’m unexpected
I know this seems unplanned
But I believe that you can do this
And soon I’ll hold your hand

But unless you really want me
I’ll be ended before I start
My fingerprints will disappear
Except from on your heart

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