When Boys Can’t Be Boys

When Boys Can’t Be Boys

There are some days when I regret ever opening up my laptop to read news from around the world. At the same time, I know all of this—and much more—is seen by God, too, and I know His heart aches when He watches this earth spin ‘round and ‘round and further into sin.

I know homosexuality and transgenderism aren’t new sin issues. Our hearts have been capable of it since we were kicked out of Eden. And even though God longs to redeem the hearts of those who are still entangled in everything but Him, it doesn’t give us the right to accept their choices as “okay”.

In society today, Bruce Jenner is the hot topic. His Vanity Fair feature displayed for the whole world to gawk at and rave about his “bravery”. To me, beneath the makeup and the Photoshop and the surgeries, the picture only says:

“God, You were wrong.”

Because God was wrong when He formed Bruce Jenner in his mother’s womb and the doctor said, “You have a son.”? Because God was wrong when warped sexual desires led Mr. Jenner away from his natural male biology?

But God wasn’t wrong. He intended for Bruce to be a man. He gave Bruce chance after chance to acknowledge his choices; He poured out grace upon grace to set him free.

Bruce Jenner chose to walk away from God; hopefully he will change his mind before it is too late.

As I snuggled my toddler son to sleep tonight, my heart was burdened knowing the responsibility I have as his parent to raise him in a manner pleasing to God. He will have to make the ultimate decision whether or not to follow God with his heart, but my job is to lead him as best I can. My son will have the exact same capacity as anyone to sin and throw his life away. I can’t protect him from everything; I can only trust that God will come through when He is called upon.

It saddens and angers me that my son can’t grow up in a world where “boys will be boys”. Because now boys can be “girls” or they can even switch back and forth.

Don’t give in to that.

Love people and lead them towards Christ, but don’t buy the lie saying God left sexuality up to our own (skewed) interpretations. God doesn’t make mistakes with His creations.

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