Exercising Humility

Exercising Humility

Or perhaps I should call it, “Exercising in Humility”. You decide.

Either way, exercising as a seven-month-old pregnant lady is a funny thing. I am carrying purely in the front, and if you were to watch me from behind (but please don’t, ’cause that’s just creepy!) you couldn’t tell that I was expecting. Anyway, since quitting my job I have had an amazing amount of free time and have been reacquainting myself with the gym.

Prior to the pregnancy you could find me in the dark, early hours of morning running on the treadmill. There’s something pride-inducing about running–you feel like you’re cool, and you feel like everyone else thinks you’re cool. After all, you are running. You’re not just walking at a dainty pace, and you’re not huffing on another machine. Heck, you’re running and you know it.

Well anyway, I’m back on my dear treadmill now, but I’m not running. Nope, I am walking. Not only that, but I’m not even on for half the time that I would have been running! It’s humbling, really, when I look around and see these crazy old people exerting far more energy than I am, or even have, at this stage in life.

And so I exercise, and I do so with far more humility than I used to. After all, everyone is going at their own pace, with their own personal goals, resulting in one common goal: fitness.

It’s kinda like the Christian faith, really. I don’t know where you’ve been, and you don’t know where God’s brought me from to bring me here. He has some of us running hard, some walking peacefully, some groaning and lifting heavy weights, some doing crazy-looking things on the elliptical, and yet hopefully we are interacting together with a common goal, and in humility.

And yeah, that’s what I’ve been learning. 🙂

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