This Little Light of Mine

This Little Light of Mine

Clothes. I have a love/hate relationship with them.

I wear them because they’re morally necessary, but I hate the guilt that accompanies when I wonder if I should look “better” in the outfit. Although I realize it is a self-imposed guilt, which is fed by the constant barrage of our over-sexed media, it has tormented me for many, many years.

My stomach, in particular, has always been my “target issue”. Some people wonder if their tush is too big, or if their hips are too wide, or if their chest is too big or small…my stomach has forever been my self-conscious region.

I remember dealing with my body image issues as an older teen and processing the fact that I would most likely be pregnant at some point in my life, and would need to accept the reality that my stomach wouldn’t be small or flat then.

Well, fast-forward some odd years into the future and behold: I am pregnant.

(Farewell to my over-worshipped waistline.)

While I was surprisingly at peace about the future of my changing body, what surprised me more was the fascinating spiritual analogy that accompanied it.

As believers, since Christ lives within us, our bodies are therefore the home of Jesus—the temple of God. Just as a developing life within a pregnant mother causes her to glow from the inside out, we also have a reason to radiate. We have a light that we should let shine, and that light is the life of Christ in us. We should not be ashamed of that light or of its temple—even though I believe we are obligated to keep our bodies in a healthy, functioning order. In the same way, our bodies should proclaim Christ’s identity rather than a culturally-obsessed person. We can radiate joy and purity, while leaving “sexy” for our spouse. (And by all means, be really sexy for them!)

So, as I slowly morph into a roly-poly, baby-making unit…I’m just gonna accept the fact that God’s temple is expanding a bit and while I might be physically waddling on the path to righteousness for awhile, spiritually He will have my heart just the same.

Anyway, keep your little light shining…and don’t hide it under a bushel of social or self-imposed lies.

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