Sweep, Sweep

Sweep, Sweep

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and whether or not you appreciate the reminder, there it is.

Everyone wants a love story. We expect a dazzling, dramatic romance with adrenaline and passion and intrigue. We want to be swept off our feet…but have we ever considered who’s doing the sweeping?

I think it’s time we look at some brooms.

Satan has a broom. He likes to sweep everyone into a little corner, making them feel hopeless and worthless and rejected. They think they’re all alone in the world, abandoned. (He tends to knock people off their feet, rather than the romantic swoop.) Not classy.

Witches also have brooms, so I’ve heard. They’ve got magic, they’ve got flair, they can “take you anywhere”, apparently. In this case, I’m just referring to plain old nasty people with their selfish, pimply schemes. They say what you want so you’ll do what they say, then they do what they want and go back on their way. It rhymes, but it’s true.

Jesus has a broom, too. Sometimes He shows up on the doorstep looking more like a janitor than Prince Charming. His broom also comes with a mop, and a dust rag, and maybe a toilet plunger—‘cause honestly, sometimes there’s a lot of crap to clean out.

He comes and He cleans. Sometimes He has to scrub really hard to get the grime out, because we’ve loved dirt for far too long. But because He is jealous for our love and our affection, He has to be the only love in our life. It is His love which enables us to love others. We can only give what we have been given.

So this Valentine’s Day, look around. Is there someone to whom you can show love? Think beyond flowers and chocolate, if necessary. Forgiveness and compassion are some less-considered suggestions. Give what you’ve been given.

Or maybe your own heart needs a bit of cleaning? Well, there’s always broom service. 😉

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