Just As You Are

In yesterday’s post, I referenced Travis Cottrell’s version of the well-loved hymn, “Just As I Am”. Well, it seems fitting that there should be a hymn (of sorts) written in response to the reason why we can come just as we are…

Just as You are and forever will be
The lamb of God, who died for me
My great Redeemer, my Savior, King
Hosanna on high, let our praises ring

Just as You are, everlasting peace
Though hard winds may blow, at Your name they cease
Our refuge against life’s howling storm
The glorious divine in Triune form

Jesus, the name far above all names
You guide us through rivers, through fiery flames
At Your beautiful name every knee will bow
O, how we long to see You now!

Just as You are and forever will reign
The Author of Life, whose blood was slain
We will enter Your presence without one stain

Oh lamb of God, we come
We come

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