It crawls on its hands
Slowly dragging its knees
Barely uttering sound
Softly murmuring pleas

It strains and it struggles
It moves with no hope
It clings to one thread
Frayed remains of a rope

Life’s sunlight has dwindled
Death beckons “Come, more.”
And under the peephole
It falls, by the door

Yet awakening once more
Short strength reinforced
It clings to a new hope
Of failure divorced

Of freedom renewed
And passion pursued
Of anguish extinguished
And color re-hued

That glimmered potential
Irresistible spark
Pushes onward once more
Pulls away from the dark

Desperation, it seems
Renders all of us numb
We err, thinking hope’s gone—
That we can’t overcome

But if hope’s in the shadows
Jesus still is the light
It just might be that darkness
Is impairing your sight

So alter your focus
The sun never goes down
But darkness will flee
At God’s name in renown

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