Pink and Red Confetti

A thought occurred on this pink and red day
That perhaps what we believe is not as we say
A children’s rhyme so simple and trite
May lead us to setting our thinking aright

“Jesus loves me”, everyone knows
But do you believe it, or just “suppose”
We say He’s loving, strong and kind
But wait—hold on, and push rewind

The realization just hit me
How faith is not by what we see
And all too much we don’t believe
This love God gives us to receive

We’ve heard and heard from God’s own word
The stories of those whose hearts He stirred
We’ve read the tales both small and great
Of lives, love-spent, that stormed Hell’s gate

As infants young and tender still
We learned quickly of our own will
We set up walls around our heart
We keyed the locks right from the start

But then with age desire bloomed
A yearning for love from these hearts entombed
A passion for freedom from these self-made chains
In a melody strong with victorious refrains

Th-thump, th-thump
These heartbeats bump
Our lives, our purpose
Is for triumph

And Jesus loves us this we say
But we promptly forget throughout the day

Its love we want, its love we crave
But the world’s imitations lead us to the grave
Jesus, however, conquered Hell with His power
And His love freely given, causes Satan to cower

So back to my original thought:
Jesus loves us
Do we know this or not?

Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
And I believe though my eyes can’t see
The price of what was paid for me

I choose to believe (in a world of fake)
This divine love, this gift, and in it I partake
I have accepted a love so strong and pure
I am claiming this promise, this truth secure

Jesus loves me this I know
Though the lies may ebb and flow
And when doubts assail and fears do fly
I know, yes I know, that this love doesn’t die

Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
And now I dare to make my plea:

Have you accepted this love so free?

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