Far More

This stirring
This grating
This feeling inside
Your flame came through my soul
Where dry wood did abide

Your torch ravaged my soul
In a ravishing way
Leaving charcoal on the walls—
Haunting, beautiful display

As I rise from the grey dust
And the smoldering remains
I shudder to hear
As they fall: my steel chains

I was made to be connected
To more than my bones
To more than my friends
More than cell phones

I was made to know You
And the distractions that pull me from Your side
Must go

You created me with deliberation
You prepared tasks for me to accomplish
You didn’t just push me through the birth canal to say,
“Have fun! See you in seventy-two years.”

You made me for more
Far more
Than this world has in store

You love me more
Far more
Than I’ve been loved before

You called me to more
Far more
Than to stand on this shore

So now what?
In love with You
I wait

I know You’ll speak
I know You’ll come
Show me how to wait
Show me how to live

In love

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