Friday Night Ramble

I want to tell about what You’ve done
But with my words I fight
I stare for awhile, then attempt to write
How my restless heart You’ve won

I stare quite dumbly at this page
My cursor blinks
My slow brain thinks
Mmm…love how You take center stage

The way You work is just so crazy
You’re tactful and sublime
Even when the world is lazy
You’re still working over time

You don’t give up, You never fail
We may think we’re too far lost
Yet Your records show we’re rescued, free
After all, You paid that cost

I don’t understand a life without You
(I know it’s no life at all)
But it saddens me, with all You do
That some still hang up Your call

You take us as a lump of clay
You press, You squeeze, You mold
You sculpt us into usefulness
You fashion new from old

You exist beyond our fantasies
You’re real despite our disbelief
You fight for our wrestling souls
And You still offer relief

Who would I be without You?
Or would I really want to know?
In my painful and bare honesty
I admit the path I’d go

Why do we flee when You will save us?
Why are we afraid of an all-knowing God?
If we come and confess, You forgive us our mess
And spare us from Hell’s fiery rod

Hmmm. Well I’ll stop here for now.
My brain is almost gone for the night.
But this I know, and of this I’ll take hold:
God is faithful, He’s true, and He’s right


  1. Pleasant words of truth.

    But I LOL. Why? The advertisement at the base of the post is a wind turbine labelled “ECO PRESSED.” I don’t know if that’s because of you or me. =]


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