Sunday Again

Open Bibles, closed ears
Scribbled notes, pent-up fears
Doodled bulletins
Sunday best
Piano music
Last week’s test

Cushioned wallets, padded pews
Hymnals some may never use
Stained glass window
A crazy dream
*Someone sneezes*
Fraying seam

Broken pencils
Last week’s note
Highlighted pages
Inspirational quote
Lunch is coming
Food is soon
Planning through my
Busy afternoon

Finally someone says, “Amen”
Wait, what was I here for again?

Do you ever feel that way? You come to church, you set aside one specific morning every single week, and supposedly it’s for God. Supposedly you’re coming to learn more about the Scripture, to sing praises to God, and to give testimony to what He’s been doing in your life. And that’s all fine and great, until you realize–like I do–that after the final “amen”, your brain has been everywhere but focused on God. I wonder if it’s an even reasonable equivalent of showing up to a friend’s party and texting your great-aunt Sally the whole time. (Who, by the way, has a phone like mine and makes a clicking hassle of the whole deal.) It’s rude to the host, and it’s not memorable at all! Needless to say, God can still plant seeds when we don’t think we’re listening–or when we’re trying not to–but think of how much more we would benefit from consciously focusing on these special days! Yeah…*smacks head*

Granted, Sunday mornings can just be hard times to focus. But keeping our eyes and ears open then will often make the rest of the week more bearable, because it reminds us of the tools we have to survive the next seven days. (And I don’t know about you, but I can always use a good, strong reminder that life is not about me!) Taking notes can be helpful, too. I used to hate taking notes–and passionately so. However, I’ve come to appreciate the resources I have later when I look through my notebook and see, “Hey, I’d forgotten so-and-so said that. Whoa!” I was having a spacy session today and didn’t write very much, but here is some of what I did jot down:

(Thoughts from Psalm 119)

“My confidence is in Your word.
My trust is in You.
I am free to follow Your commands.” (Emphasis being that it is not a drudgery to follow God, because I know He is worth my love and attention. That is something worth remembering!)

And then a quote from the late coach John Wooden: “Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.”

Funny how that ties in.

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