Being Thankful for Little Things…

…is important, ’cause sometimes we can’t see the BIG GLARING things in front of us!

So today I’m glad I can breathe. I’m especially glad I can breathe, ’cause I currently sound like a frog who swallowed a few bad flies. A little raspy, a bit squeaky, and kinda sniffly. But breathing is very helpful, I’ve noticed, and I’m glad that with the gamut of other cold symptoms I have, that I can still inhale somewhat clearly.


Yup. Breathing is important. 🙂

But speaking of big, glaring things, too…I am REALLY thankful for the sunshine. The fact that the same God who enables us to breathe is the same God that gives us cloudless light–that is pretty cool.

“Glory in His holy name;
let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.”
– Psalm 105:3

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