The Little Guy with the Torch, pt. 1

I will elaborate more on this later…but diligence to other commitments requires that this will currently be a short post.

*sigh* Diligence isn’t always fun.

But anyway, I’ve been reading about Gideon the past few days. You probably need a refresher on it, so look up the story in Judges 6-8. 🙂 He was the “least” in his family, and his family was from the weakest tribe. He was not a likely candidate for leading a ragtag group to conquer the Midianite army.

Now I apologize if this clashes with anyone’s mental image, but I always imagined Gideon as a bit of a pipsqueak. I always have. But the point is not that a pipsqueak was used to defeat the Midianites, but rather that God through His power used one little guy with a torch and a jar and a trumpet, and 300 men, and God delivered the Midianites into Israel’s hand.

I think what always astounds me is how God has used pipsqueaks. Sometimes He uses the rugged, handsome fellas, but sometimes He uses little squirts who ask God twice to confirm His message. And the reason I am so overwhelmed now, is because I realized that the same God who used Gideon to defeat the Midianites, who used David to slay Goliath, who used a terrible Christian-hater and turned him into a dynamic teacher…

…that is my God.


  1. Omgosh so true. I love the unnexpected ways God choses to display his infinite glory! AAAH SOO COOOL!!! He even uses little itty bitty nobodies (no offense) like you and me to do work for his eternal Kingdom! I LOVE IT!!!


  2. I kinda like being a little itty bitty nobody. It’s way easier to see how big God is when I’m not seeing myself as such. 🙂


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