5.5 hrs of sleep but I feel fine

Well, I actually feel rather sleepy. And I have a 10-pg draft research paper due Tuesday that I’m working on, and about 3.5 hrs of Psych homework to do before Wednesday, and a room to clean…and a lot of other things on my mental checklist. But I’m so indescribably happy and thrilled being alive right now. I am loved by a God who finds me precious–so precious, in fact, that He sent His son to conquer death and give me new life. He chooses to forgive all the things I’ve made a mess of, and considers them to be as far from Him as the east is from the west. He even loves me when I consciously screw up, knowing darn well it’s not pleasing to Him! If that’s not humbling right there, I don’t know what is.

My God is mighty to save. My God is strong. My God holds the earth in His hands, yet knows even the number of hairs on our head! (Though it’s probably easier to count on some people. 😉 ) He is creative–I mean, He created things like flamingos and hedgehogs and bee hummingbirds who have a nest half the size of a walnut shell. He is humorous–He gave us things like hair that can curl or lay flat or poof out ridiculously (sometimes all at once!), or sneezes that can either be mousy or gargantuan. And hiccups? My goodness! 

But my God loves me. Unconditionally. I don’t have to do anything–He just loves me. His love is what brings joy to my life; sometimes it’s a sustaining joy, and other times it’s the happy kind of joy that makes me want to hug my arms and rock side to side like a dork. Kinda like now. 🙂

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