100% Wholeheartedly

Have you ever gone through a mental timeline of history, and realized that after all the people who have entered and exited the world, here you are. And your time is very short. After a few generations, most likely your existence will have faded from anyone’s memory. (If you don’t believe me, try listing all of your great-grandparents’ cousins. I’m sure they had some…but do you know who they are?)

Of all the epochs of time, of all the places, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance years to a cotton plantation in the Civil War…isn’t it intriguing that at this year, in this country, in this time of spiritual turbulence and physical turmoil…that this is the time God has called each of us to serve Him? That before the beginning of time He predestined us–He hand-picked us and purposefully located us–to be here. And yet, regardless of the fact that this is 2010 and not 1492, we as believers are still summoned to be completely saturated in God.

I like how Jim Elliot put it when he said, “Wherever you are–be there 100%.” Now since God wants us to serve Him wholeheartedly, we ought not waste our time and affections filling our lives with ourselves. If we are serving Him whilst doing dishes, let us do that wholeheartedly. If we are scrubbing toilets or mowing the lawn or doing homework, let us do that wholeheartedly.

Because when you’re working wholeheartedly for God, you haven’t room for anything else. 😀


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