Upon The Ocean’s Edge

(I alluded to this in an earlier Facebook post.)


Here I stand

At the edge of the ocean

Is it the end of my control

Or the beginning of Your grace?

I wait along this silent shore

I look

I ponder

I tremble at the magnitude before me

Are You as great as I need You to be?

Will You surpass my deepest fears?

Will You surprise me, delight in me?

Will You save me from myself?

Can You rescue me?

Will You?

If I take my foot from this sandy place,

will You be there

or will I fall?

The world does not offer freely;

can You understand my apprehensions?

Will You be more than my ultimate illusion?

I want to fear You

Revere You

I desire to know You intimately

but are You all You say You are?

Will You be angry at my timidity,

though You offer a spirit of power?

Is a drab existence required

to best honor You?

Will You ever tire of my ceaseless questions?

Can Your peace overwhelm my mental turmoil?

I don’t understand You

I can’t comprehend Your love

But Lord, I want to trust You


I slowly raise a quivering hand

to reach out and touch You

I’m ashamed to feel my other fingers clinging to my side

“Greatness” cannot describe You

No word sufficiently captures You

I feel so small

But I long to be lost in Your arms

So I risk this step for Your embrace

For I would rather drown in Your grace

Than forever stand alone upon this shore

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