Of Starving Hearts and Socialism

These are surface thoughts. Choppy fragments. This post is a muddled collection of concepts and ideas and questions I’ve been mulling over, but sometimes writing things out provides clarity. I guess we’ll see. Let me start with key words, in no particular order: foster care, adoption, government, socialism, Christianity, homes, love, church. These words tumblingContinue reading “Of Starving Hearts and Socialism”

To Kill the Mockingbird

I am content. Never in my life have I been so happy and at peace and full of what I’ll call “easy” joy. Being a stay-at-home wife and (now) mom has been far more exciting and beautiful than I thought it would. I’m used to anxiety and an ever-underlying depression. I’m not used to suchContinue reading “To Kill the Mockingbird”

Why I Can’t Support Homosexuality

I think everyone’s blood boils when a Christian begins to write about homosexuality. “Ehh, more hate speech.” “Here we go again.” “If I hear one more ‘Hate the sin, love the sinner’ shpiel, I’m going to puke.” I admit, I am going to write about this topic. And yes, I do claim to be aContinue reading “Why I Can’t Support Homosexuality”

Is God’s Love Unconditional? (Or, a Very Long and Rambling Thought Process…)

This blog post was inspired by a friend’s Facebook status. His question asked fellow Facebookers to answer whether God’s love was conditional, or if it was based on conditions. I responded with the following: God’s love to people is unconditional and unwavering. His rules for righteousness, however–which some mistake as His “love”–is unwavering with its “conditions”:Continue reading “Is God’s Love Unconditional? (Or, a Very Long and Rambling Thought Process…)”

No Matter What, I’m Gonna Love You

God has been teaching me lately that no matter what, He must be my first love. The word “must” gives the initial impression that I’m forced to be in this relationship, that it’s merely my struggling response to satisfy an unpleasant tyrant–but oh, the reality is so far from that. With God as my first love, all myContinue reading “No Matter What, I’m Gonna Love You”

5.5 hrs of sleep but I feel fine

Well, I actually feel rather sleepy. And I have a 10-pg draft research paper due Tuesday that I’m working on, and about 3.5 hrs of Psych homework to do before Wednesday, and a room to clean…and a lot of other things on my mental checklist. But I’m so indescribably happy and thrilled being alive right now.Continue reading “5.5 hrs of sleep but I feel fine”