Hard-to-Smile Hope

I love the holiday season. For me, it evokes memories of baking cookies, playing Christmas cassette tapes (*gasp*), putting lights around the house with my dad, decorating the tree…and spending every other day vacuuming the fallen pine needles from the carpet. There were Christmas parties and paper snowflakes and gingerbread men to be frosted, thereContinue reading “Hard-to-Smile Hope”

5.5 hrs of sleep but I feel fine

Well, I actually feel┬árather sleepy. And I have a 10-pg draft research paper due Tuesday that I’m working on, and about 3.5 hrs of Psych homework to do before Wednesday, and a room to clean…and a lot of other things on my mental checklist. But I’m so indescribably happy and thrilled being alive right now.Continue reading “5.5 hrs of sleep but I feel fine”