Of Merry Little Christmases and Messy Little Children

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas…” That is my mantra for this season. I want it to be happy and simple. For me, simple is minimal decorating: it took me two days to hang my garland greenery between the kids jumping on the couch I was standing on, and Baby Kitty bapping at the pinecones.Continue reading “Of Merry Little Christmases and Messy Little Children”

Of Holidays and How Children Age

Thanksgiving weekend went differently than planned. The plan was to host the in-laws and extended siblings. The reality was that all three kids and I were on the beginnings of a cold, so we kept our germs to ourselves and had a quiet time together, along with our 18lbs of turkey. But these past fewContinue reading “Of Holidays and How Children Age”

Hard-to-Smile Hope

I love the holiday season. For me, it evokes memories of baking cookies, playing Christmas cassette tapes (*gasp*), putting lights around the house with my dad, decorating the tree…and spending every other day vacuuming the fallen pine needles from the carpet. There were Christmas parties and paper snowflakes and gingerbread men to be frosted, thereContinue reading “Hard-to-Smile Hope”