Of Starving Hearts and Socialism

These are surface thoughts. Choppy fragments. This post is a muddled collection of concepts and ideas and questions I’ve been mulling over, but sometimes writing things out provides clarity. I guess we’ll see. Let me start with key words, in no particular order: foster care, adoption, government, socialism, Christianity, homes, love, church. These words tumblingContinue reading “Of Starving Hearts and Socialism”

Grace Falls Like Rain, Sin Comes Like Acne

Though I doubt Todd Agnew will re-write his lyrics… Doing dishes late at night always sparks these insightful revelations. As my gaze continually shifted from my hands in the dishwater, to the faucet, to the draining rack (and back), my focus kept getting distracted by this…thing. I didn’t know what it was at the time,Continue reading “Grace Falls Like Rain, Sin Comes Like Acne”