Of Starving Hearts and Socialism

These are surface thoughts. Choppy fragments. This post is a muddled collection of concepts and ideas and questions I’ve been mulling over, but sometimes writing things out provides clarity. I guess we’ll see. Let me start with key words, in no particular order: foster care, adoption, government, socialism, Christianity, homes, love, church. These words tumblingContinue reading “Of Starving Hearts and Socialism”

Of Robin Hood and Revelation

Growing up, one of my favorite movies was Disney’s animated Robin Hood. As a parent, the classic is still in my collection–only I’ve upgraded from the chunky VHS to a DVD. The kids re-discovered it on our shelf this afternoon, and I got to sit and watch (most of it) with them. It’s been awhileContinue reading “Of Robin Hood and Revelation”

Why I Can’t Support Homosexuality

I think everyone’s blood boils when a Christian begins to write about homosexuality. “Ehh, more hate speech.” “Here we go again.” “If I hear one more ‘Hate the sin, love the sinner’ shpiel, I’m going to puke.” I admit, I am going to write about this topic. And yes, I do claim to be aContinue reading “Why I Can’t Support Homosexuality”