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Jesus is Good News

The Gospel was never meant to be simply a one-way ticket to Heaven.  I used to think the Gospel was like Christianity 101, you just needed to understand it and then you could move on to more “Christian-er” things. But lately, I’ve learned that the Gospel isn’t just the source of our faith, it’s alsoContinue reading “Jesus is Good News”

Don’t Quench the Spirit

And some people will say, “Well, the Holy Spirit can only tell you what’s already in the Bible.” I used to think that. I used to think the Holy Spirit was limited to what we’ve bound up in the Book.

Of Legalism and Liberalism: A Pendulum Swing

History is fascinating. While events come and go and shape the direction of our textbooks, people themselves change very little. Even within Christianity, there’s a steady tick-tock, tick-tock, the same patterns repeating themselves every generation–back and forth, like the swing of a pendulum–and we wonder why our faith looks and feels (and is, often) powerless.Continue reading “Of Legalism and Liberalism: A Pendulum Swing”