Of Three Kids, Two Cats and One Zombie

Once upon a time we had a little grey kitten named Clarabelle. She went the way of the world (rather, the neighborhood) and soon became a Momma Kitty named Clarabelle. In fact, she had two litters of kittens within four months which prompted her nickname of Charlotte the Harlot. We kept one kitten from theContinue reading “Of Three Kids, Two Cats and One Zombie”

Of Three Three and Under

That’s how old my kids are. Currently they are almost four, almost two, and almost one month. But three three-and-under sounds more terrifying and invokes more prayers from strangers in the grocery store. This is such a busy season of life right now, but it is also rich. I don’t want to forget the quirksContinue reading “Of Three Three and Under”

Refreshing Grace

I’m probably not the only mom who reads multiple articles each week about marriage and motherhood. They’re everywhere online.  Last week, however, I noticed a recurring theme in the articles I’ve read recently: “Don’t beat yourself up about [insert whatever you’ve been failing at]. God gives grace!” I wasn’t being encouraged by this, though, andContinue reading “Refreshing Grace”

The Days of Poop and Puke (and More Poop)

New milk. Old milk. Rejected and regurgitated milk. This is what I smell like. All the time. I have a baby who pukes often, and a toddler who currently has some sort of stomach bug, resulting in two vomiting episodes yesterday and diarrhea today. I watched an embarrassing amount of Daniel Tiger this morning. MyContinue reading “The Days of Poop and Puke (and More Poop)”