Book: Coming Soon!

The World Health Organization estimates that over 240 million people globally struggle with depression. That seems like a lot of people, until you realize it’s only about 4% of the human population.

I’m one of those lovely four percent, and I’m okay with that.

However, depression is a crazy thing to live with–and eventually it seeps into your relationships. Mental illness is becoming less taboo and less stigmatized, but because we’ve spent generations and generations covering up “the blues” or “the melancholy” as it were, and we have no idea how to talk about it now. It’s as if there’s this language barrier, and when you try to explain how depression affects your life, no one gets it.

Then your friends and family don’t understand you, and they get frustrated.

Then you get frustrated because they don’t understand you.

And this irritating, sometimes devastating cycle continues.

But what if we learned to “translate” depression? What if there was a resource that explained how depression affects the brain, the body, and relationships–so you could better communicate what you need?

Well, hey, I’m going to write that.

If you struggle (or have ever struggled) with depression, I would love to hear from you! I have created a series of questions and am compiling answers, so this book can provide insight into what millions of people deal with every day–often in silence.

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