Please Give Me Back My Rainbow

Please Give Me Back My Rainbow

Courtesy of, I currently have a rainbow banner blazing across my blog’s home page.

Somehow I get the feeling this rainbow isn’t commemorating Noah, the flood, or God’s promise to never destroy the entire world by water again. Funny, I thought that’s what rainbows were for.

I’m having a really hard time writing this without a snarky, sneering, or even angry-sounding tone. That’s not my intent. This whole gay pride issue frustrates me, it really does, but it’s not gay people I’m frustrated with. No, it’s the politicians and businessmen and random Facebookers and even pastors who are waving their little rainbows and yelling “Love Wins!” and trying to worm their way into the cool, non-judgmental, better-than-just-tolerant crowd.

In the process, two things happen: Christians who aren’t thrilled about gay marriage are shunned as haters or judgmental (or worse), and the homosexual community is falsely encouraged to pursue a lifestyle that displeases God–a God who does love them and who does want the best for them… His best.

Yes, homosexuality makes most Christians uncomfortable–usually because they’ve never met a gay person and are afraid the gay person will instantly dislike them. I once had a friend who was gay. I didn’t know it when I met him, but even when I found out it didn’t change the fact that he was my friend.

I don’t hate gay people. It frustrates me that Satan has his claws in our culture so much that homosexuality appeals to some people and seems a better option than God’s original intent for sexuality. But I don’t hate people because they believe a lie.

God doesn’t hate gay people, either. He hates sin–anything that gets in the way of our relationship with Him–but that’s where Jesus comes in. Jesus took away the punishment that we deserve for our sins and all we have to do is accept that gift of forgiveness and grace. When we accept Jesus into our lives, He comes in and helps us take care of all the habits and patterns that aren’t God-pleasing. We all have sin patterns that we need help dealing with on a day-to-day basis, even though God has already forgiven us for them. (Part of still living in a sin-filled world…) And we have so many habits that sometimes we haven’t even been aware of! Lying (even “white” lying…), thinking impure thoughts about other people, gossiping, laziness, taking poor care of the bodies God has given us…and other actions that even legally get us in trouble, such as stealing or cheating or intentionally causing bodily harm to someone.

Homosexuality is one of those “secret sins” that no one usually has to know about, except for God. And just like I wouldn’t encourage someone to continue in a lifestyle inclined towards cheating on their spouse, gossiping about their friends, shoplifting, raping or murdering…I can’t go “Yay you!” and pretend that God is looking away. It’s not my business to take care of anyone else’s sin, but it is my business to not distort God’s Word in my words.

There are no Rape Pride banners. There are no Shoplifters Pride flags. There is no rallying around Let’s Beat Up People Just for Fun groups.

I can’t take pride in anything that separates us from God. Heck, not even human pride.

“Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” – Proverbs 16:18

So please give me back my rainbow–God’s rainbow. God destroyed the world once when all but a few had turned away from Him. He will come again and destroy the world once again (though not by water) and I don’t want anyone to die having believed a lie when they could have heard the truth and been set free.

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