Some Light on a Dark Subject: My Stance on Homosexuality

Some Light on a Dark Subject

I really appreciate the respectful opinions I’ve seen on Facebook, regarding the discussion(s) of homosexuality and same-sex relationships. I think it’s great that people are willing to express their thoughts and opinions through social media, and I want to do the same.

I have surrendered my life to the God who created me. As such, I know that He made people either male or female, and He designed marriage to be a union of one of each (male and female). He designed human sexuality, and He designed it to be exclusively enjoyed between a man and a woman, under the love-strong security of marriage.

God created sexuality in its most pure and perfect form. Neither people nor Satan, even within his limited power, can replicate the purity of sexuality—I repeat: we cannot reproduce purity. Apart from God, all we can do is degrade it.

So, honestly, we as human beings are the ones who have disgustingly f***ed up our sexuality. Yes, I used the F-word, and yes I used it by its definition. God didn’t screw with our biochemistry, but even in biblical times people were distorting the original purposes for their bodies. Has it not occurred to us that when we harden our hearts against God, He often lets us endure the consequences?

Christians are too often labeled as “gay haters” or “homophobes”, and after awhile it carries the same ring as if someone said we hated cancer patients who were bald. Now, I don’t hate bald people, and I certainly don’t hate people who are enslaved to the sin of homosexuality. Without Christ, we are all slaves to sin—and even once we’re redeemed, we continue to fight those battles—be it lying, cheating, gluttony, laziness, lustful habits, homosexuality, etc. But sin is still sin—it is still an offense to God, and it is still to be dealt with and not merely “tolerated”.

I can unconditionally love a person who has chosen a homosexual lifestyle, because I know that love comes only from God. I have the ability to love others since He first loved me, because without Him I have no natural capacity to love. However, while I can cherish a person who is created in God’s image, their homosexual sin still makes me cringe because I can see the lie that they are blinded into believing: the lie that there is a better intimacy than what God originally created. The lie that a human-contrived expression of “passion” is better than the sacrificial love story that Jesus brought to us, which is exemplified in a one man/one woman marriage relationship. Jesus had passion. Jesus had love.

This is my stance on homosexuality. This is not written to condemn anyone who holds a differing opinion, or even to convince anyone otherwise. This is merely the position I hold, and I believe I stand right with God. I have no degree in Christian Apologetics or in Human Philosophy, but I believe the Bible is simple enough even for the most simple-minded person (myself included). If there is any offense taken from this, may it be with God’s truth and not my depiction of it—and if so, please take those offenses to Him and allow Him to explain with even more grace.

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